Matthew 28:19-20 KJV

Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.

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Received on 04/09/2016


Philip Jones
Church Planter
Pasadena, CA


  • Philip
  • McKenzie
  • Levi
  • Noah
  • Luke

Prayer Requests

  1. Prepared Hearts
  2. Salvations
  3. Discipleship
  4. WCBC students soul winning
  5. Housing and Meeting space
  6. Startup Fund
  7. Other cities in California
  8. Pray for more laborers

March 2016

Dear Friends,

“This is the Lord’s doing; it is marvellous in our eyes.” (Psalms 118:23) 

Next stop… California! Our family is thrilled at what we have seen the Lord do as we celebrate one year on deputation this week. We have had so many prayers answered as our faith has been stretched and grown.

We are currently at just over 75% of our needed support. As we mentioned in our previous newsletter, we have meetings scheduled with several churches over the next few months where we will share our work. We pray that these and other churches will partner with us, helping us to reach 100% support by June 1st.

After a missions conference in Southern California this week, Lord willing, we will purchase a vehicle and look for a place to rent. Living in Pasadena as soon as possible will help us achieve our goal of connecting right away with the new believers and the others who have already been attending the Bible study hosted by West Coast Baptist College students.

One of the faithful Bible study attendees has arranged to have a “Welcome to Pasadena” party for us when we arrive. We are grateful that God would provide some people who are eager for a pastor and a Bible preaching church. God gives us so much more then we deserve! Our arrival in April will hopefully make for a smooth transition so these brand new Christians can continue to learn the Word of God even after the college students leave for the summer.

We will also begin a serious search for a meeting place to have actual church services in when we launch on September 18th. In the meantime, we will be handing out tracts, sharing the Gospel, and inviting people to a weekly Bible study.

Please pray for our hearts to be prepared with Christ-like compassion and boldness. Pray for tenderness in the hearts of the people of Pasadena and the surrounding areas. Also, please pray for Alex and Pierre. Recently, the Lord allowed me to witness to these men. In each instance, they were ready to place their faith in Jesus. How important it is to “…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:” (1 Peter 3:15). Please pray as they grow in their new life in Christ Jesus.

Thank you for your faithful prayer and financial support. We could not do this without your help!

Philip & McKenzie Jones

Received on 06/22/2016


Mike Gardner
Helping Hands Ministry
United States


  • Mike
  • Teresa

Prayer Requests

  1. Door Knocking Visitation
  2. People to Disciple
  3. Building Program at Horizon
  4. VBS this year
  5. Mrs. Leversee’s Recovery

May/June 2016

Dear praying friends,

This has been an interesting couple of months since our last prayer letter. It seems as if the devil is really fighting the work in Camarillo, CA. The first week of May, the pastor’s wife had a garbage can tip over on her and broke her ankle. This was a couple of days before the ladies luncheon with over 40 ladies attending at her home. Mrs. Leversee was put in a cast and told not to walk for at least 8 weeks. It was very hard for her to have that many ladies in her home to not be able to join them because of the pain she was in. However, we saw the hand of God working that day with many ladies stepping in. It was a beautiful day outside and all the ladies had a great time eating and talking with one another. The theme for the day was “Love where you are planted”. Mrs. Leversee was also teaching children’s church so Teresa and I are now teaching. We really enjoy working with the children and watching them grow in the Lord.

A week after the mishap with Mrs. Leversee, the children’s teacher was no longer able to teach the children Sunday school class. Teresa and I took over that class and soon will be training someone else to do it after we leave.

Not long after that, the Sunday school teacher of the couples class was transferred to the state of Ohio.  He was a very good teacher and the class grew under his leadership, and he will be missed. The pastor had to step in and is now teaching that class.

A week after that, we woke up on Sunday morning to find that our car had been stolen.  We got someone to take Teresa to church while I waited for the police to show up.  They said it would probably show up after they got done joy riding with it. Two weeks later, we got a call from the police and they found it. The thief took our brand new Bibles which we had packed the night before and my prescription sunglasses.  They also slit the passenger tires; then drove on them and ruined one of the rims.

Through all of this, God has been faithful.  We had teacher appreciation day in May and saw many school teachers attend.  We also had five people baptized who were recently saved.  We had a men’s retreat which was well attended.  The men had a great time of fellowship.

Please be in prayer for our first week long VBS this year. It will be in July.  We would like to see many children from the community and be able to reach their parents. Please pray for Mrs. Leversee.  Her cast has been removed and replaced with a boot, and she has weeks of therapy ahead of her.

Sincerely Serving,
Mike & Teresa Gardner

Received on 04/25/2016

The McCollums

Caleb McCollum
Federal Republic of Germany


  • Caleb
  • Alice
  • Hannah
  • Adah

Prayer Requests

  1. Souls to be Saved
  2. Quick & Smooth VISA Process
  3. Adjustment to New Culture
  4. Enrolling in Language School


  1. Obtained a new vehicle that seats seven with low mileage!

April 2016

We finally made it. We have now been on the field for almost two weeks, and have been busy getting everything set up. As I look back over the last month, there are several things that I reflect upon and thank God for in this time of adjustment for us.


In these first couple of weeks, Christ has been our sufficiency. He has been our strength in weakness, our comfort in discomfort, our peace in frustrations, and a friend that sticks closer than a brother. He loves us like nobody else and we are excited to and have already been sharing Him with the people here in Germany.


When you are on the other side of the world, it’s good to know you have people back in the states that love and support you no matter what. This was evidenced during our final two weeks in Florida as we had both our immediate families, extended family, church family, and many friends come to see us off. On Sunday, January 31, we had our send off service at Faith Baptist. I had the honor of preaching out of Philippians 1-2 about striving together of the faith of the Gospel even while we are thousands of miles apart. many tears were shed as the congregation gathered around us to pray. It reminded me of the verse, “they that sow in tears shall reap in joy.” This is our desire for the church family we love. And to all our supporting churches, we look forward to sowing the seed of the Gospel that you’ve invested in. We can’t wait to return in a few years rejoicing bringing our sheaves with us, by God’s grace.


We are privileged to be working with such an awesome family. We arrived to our home here with most of the furniture set up, our kitchen built, and many boxes of things that had been given to us. (It will literally take months to go through). The Clarks have done so much to make us feel at home, and they have succeeded. Our new church family at Rhein River Baptist has been a blessing in our transition as well. We could not have asked for a better welcome.


We’ve now had a chance to look at the field and be out in it….and it is open and ready for the seed to be planted. Probably the most frustrating thing for us is that we don’t know the language yet, so we can’t witness one on one in most situations. We have been able to get hundreds of Gospel tracts out already, and have seen interest from some people.


This may seem like a strange thing to be thankful for, but the Middle Eastern refugee situation is one I am thankful for. Germany has been known as being hard to the Gospel, but it seems the unrest of this situation has started to break up some hard ground. As Walter Clark and I have been out getting our set up items taken care of, we have run into so many Muslims. Not a single one has been antagonistic when we have started a discussion on religion and truth. Walter always has tracts, a Bible, and a marked Quaran with him. With that we are showing them that even Mohammed proclaimed Jesus to be the righteous prophet and at one point even directs his followers to the people of the Book. This is a crucial time for these people who are beginning to ask, “Why are having to flee from those who say they follow the same thing we do?” From a political standpoint, letting them come to Germany (1.5 million people) was the worst move the leadership could make. From the missionary’s view, the fields are coming to us, and the door is slowly but surely swinging open. Part of the 10/40 window is moving here. While we are barred from taking the Gospel into the camps, we can go to the bus and train stops just outside; and, at any given time, have a captive audience of 50-100 refugees. Please pray that God would use this to set the stage for a Great Awakening here.


I thank God for my wife. We were able to get some “us” time and had a date this past Saturday for Valentine’s. She has been like SuperWoman this first couple of weeks. She didn’t get much sleep the first few nights, because she was up with the babies who hadn’t yet adjusted to the time (Praise the Lord they have now). She has been busy organizing things in the house and has even helped me assemble some IKEA furniture. Continue to pray that God will give her strength as she adjusts to life and keeping house here (some things are much different). As for the girls, they are doing great and growing everyday. Hannah has befriended the Clark children and has even learned three or four German words already!


God has blessed the church here. We had a couple join the church this past week, and have seen visitors from the camp (it’s next to the church) in attendance. We are praying for souls as this is missions emphasis month here. We are praying for more laborers both for here and around the world.

So, as we begin this new chapter in our lives, we say, “To God be the glory for what He has done, and what He is beginning to do in Germany!”

Für die Verlorenen en Deutschland,
Caleb, Alicia, Hannah, & Adah

Received 03/01/2016

The McDonalds

Corey McDonald
Missionary on Deputation
Republic of Kenya


Prayer Requests

  1. Deputation Support

February 2016

Dear Supporting Churches and Praying Friends,

As we start this year, I want to take a moment and let you inside what we experienced last year. We have been on the devastation—I mean deputation—trail since May. We have gone from the far Northeast to the far West Coast and to all four corners of our country. We’ve made over 5,000 phone calls, driven 35,000 miles, and visited 66 churches. We’ve eaten more than 700 meals on the road, many out of mugs and paper cups. We’ve had many stomach bugs and had endless wardrobe changes as the temperatures change, sometimes from one city to the next. We’ve done school from our car seats, visited numerous playgrounds and libraries, and met and left friends all across the country. We’ve had to pass up flea market after flea market. We have heard the “Where are you from?” question over and over again. “See that van over there . . .” Yeah, that answer doesn’t cover it.

We’ve been blessed with very adaptable children. They sometimes call their space in the car their room and decorate their windows; and they call each chamber, tent site, or hotel room “home.” Consequently, they have a great appreciation for church nurseries and library toys. We are sometimes asked, “Do you like this life?” or “How do you do it?” Like anyone, if we focused on what we “don’t have” or what we are “missing out on,” we would likely find ourselves discontented and downhearted often. So we don’t focus on not being able to gather around a dinner table together and eat off real dinnerware at an actual table with enough chairs for everyone. We look at each new bed as a blessing and not a hassle. Every time we repack the van (once or twice a week), it’s like spring cleaning or tornado relief; nevertheless, it’s a time to refresh. We are excited to have started the new year with five new supporting churches! We are so humbled that God would use us in His work and that His people would in turn believe in our vision and team up with us. Please pray for us as we bring our son Judson into the world in early May. We are blessed to be based out of West Virginia for the next two months for this transitional time. We will be traveling in West Virginia and to Maine, Virginia, Florida, and New York during these two months.

Fellow servants for Christ,
The McDonalds